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Best buys in our January Sale

Spoilt for choice in our January Sale? We’ve picked out some of our best buys to help you find the perfect technology product for you.

Edge Light Alarm Clock

Early, dark mornings can be extra difficult in January. Why not invest in the Edge Light Alarm Clock to make getting out of bed that bit easier.

Edge Light Alarm Clock

Featuring a sleek, stylish design combined with a snooze alarm and subdued ambient light, the Edge Light Alarm Clock is the perfect wake up call.

Was: £38.99 Now: £35.09

Octagon One Desk Lamp – Black

Make going back to work that bit easier and increase productivity with the Octagon One Desk Lamp.

With a natural wood-effect finish and simplistic yet practical design, the Octagon One Rechargeable Desk Light is a stunning addition to any office or home. Meanwhile, the rechargeable battery makes the lamp 100% wireless allowing it to be position at three different angles for maximum productivity and ease of use.

Shop this Gift of the Year 2018 Award Winner now and get 10% off using code NY2020.

Was £59.99 Now £53.99

Jive Rock Sixty Jukebox

Dance your way through the January blues with the Jive Rock Sixty Jukebox. Available in cherry wood, light wood and white, the Jive Rock Sixty Jukebox has a whole host of features built in making it perfect for the office or home!

jive rock sixty jukebox

Was: £129.99 Now: £116.99

The MAG 324 IPTV Set-Top Box

Supporting HEVC compression and HDMI 1.4b output, the MAG 324 IPTV Set-Top Box allows you to enjoy high-quality video that makes January worth staying in for.

mag 324

Was: £89.99 Now: £80.99

TBS 2630 HD

With powerful functionality and the ability to support 8/16 channel HDMI stream of H.264/H.265 encoding output and now 10% off it’s easy to see why the TBS 2630 HD is the perfect HD encoder for education, healthcare, IPTV, businesses and banking.


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Was: £2,799.99 Now: £2,519.99

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