The Ajax Alarm Panic Button: How It Works

Using enhanced technology, the Ajax Wireless Security System is your all in one security system that helps to detect intruders, fire and water to protect your home of business from all eventualities. But, the benefits don’t stop there. The Ajax Wireless Security System also comes with a built in panic button and alarm to help protect you and your loved ones. 

How The Ajax Panic Button Works

The panic button is easy to use, even in high pressure situations. Simply open up the app on your phone and press the panic button. This then sends a notification to your family members along with your exact location and directions to said location, helping to keep both you and your family members safe.

The Ajax Alarm Panic Button can be used by any member of the family through an Android or Apple application on your mobile phone so you can rest assured that all family members are protected. 

Want to see how the Ajax built in panic alarm works? Watch our video below!