CCTV For Businesses During The Lockdown

With the Covid-19 UK lockdown many pubs, restaurants, shops and businesses have had to temporarily close. Unfortunately, empty premises can result in a spike in burglaries and break ins. That’s why we’re offering advanced CCTV for businesses with our Viper 4K Artificial Intelligence System.

Our CCTV Systems: How Can They Help Businesses?

At CTU Services we offer a wide range of 4K Facial Recognition Products that provide advanced security and protection for businesses. Including a whole host of artificial intelligence features such as camera analytics and facial recognition, our CCTV systems can keep your business, pub, restaurant or shop safe even when the premises is unoccupied.

Viper AI 4K 8 Channel NVR

The next step in CCTV security, the Viper AI 4K 8 Channel NVR features 8 channel playback, 4K quality recording and AI facial recognition. These advanced features enable you to store and search through faces to detect intruders as well as allowing you to watch and back up recordings.

8MP Viper IP Fixed Lens Bullet Camera with Audio (White)

Thanks to its ‘bullet’ design, 30m IR Range, 4K/8MP Quality Image and built in facial recognition technology, the 8MP Viper IP Fixed Lens Bullet Camera is ideal for protecting your business. This bullet camera also supports smart phone remote monitoring so you can keep your business safe wherever you are.

8MP Viper IP Motorised Lens Turret Camera with Audio (White)

Intruders don’t stand a chance with the 8MP Viper IP Motorised Lens Turret Camera. The motorised lens and 30-50m IR Night View Distance means intruders have nowhere to hide. Meanwhile, the smart analytics and facial recognition keeps you one step ahead of the game at detecting burglars and their vehicles.

At a time when many businesses have been forced to close, CCTV and security is more vital then ever. Shop our CCTV for businesses now and make sure your business is protected. Or, contact our team for a free demo of our devices.