Amigo WiFi, Gran Canaria

Amigo WiFi offers high-speed internet and HDTV services for their customers. However, Gran Canaria’s poor internet connection was proving a major obstacle for them.

Our HEVC system was able to overcome the obstacles of poor internet connection and find an easy to manage solution.


Our bespoke HEVC system enables IPTV providers to stream 1080p HD at 1.3Mbps, 720p HD at 900Kbps, standard definition at 500Kbps and low definition at 250Kbps.

A major advancement in compression technology, our HEVC system allows areas with slow broadband speeds to receive high-quality visual programming. In addition to this, with 1080p HD available at just 1.3Mbps, full HD programming over 3G and 4G is now a reality and mobile viewing is a possibility worldwide.

Why Was This Beneficial To Amigo Wifi?

Other companies and systems had failed to overcome Gran Canaria’s internet problems. As a provider of high-speed internet and HDTV solutions, Amigo WiFi needed to overcome Gran Canaria’s poor internet infrastructure in order to provide the best possible service to their customers.

The installation of our HEVC compression system provided a fully scalable system so Amigo WiFi could offer a fully HDTV viewing service and fast internet speeds to their clients.

CTU Services have installed HEVC systems for a number of businesses and individuals worldwide, achieving customer satisfaction and revolutionising IPTV services for all our clients. To find out more, or discuss your requirements, contact us today. 


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