Bermuda has continuously struggled with poor internet infrastructure and expensive just bandwidth costs, hindering local businesses and the tourism industry.

Unlike other providers, CTU Services were able to install our efficient HEVC system and open up the island and its businesses to the IPTV service provider industry.


Our bespoke HEVC system enables IPTV providers to stream 1080p HD at 1.3Mbps, 720p HD at 900Kbps, standard definition at 500Kbps and low definition at 250Kbps.

A major advancement in compression technology, our HEVC system allows areas with slow broadband speeds to receive high-quality visual programming. In addition to this, with 1080p HD available at just 1.3Mbps, full HD programming over 3G and 4G is now a reality and mobile viewing is a possibility worldwide.

Why Was This Beneficial To Bermuda?

The installation of our new, high-quality HEVC compression system has helped Bermuda, its businesses and tourism industry with costly just bandwidth costs. This enables them to establish a highly reliable IPTV system that can effortlessly stream 1080p HD at an amazing 1.3Mbps and access HD mobile viewing over 3G and 4G.

Bermuda and its relative businesses is just one geographical area benefiting from CTU Services’ advanced HEVC compression system. Our HEVC system has opened up a wide range of geographical locations and industries to the IPTV service provider industry, as well as the mobile viewing markets. To find out more, or discuss your requirements, contact us today. 


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