The playout system

Fully scalable and built from the ground-up, Eludo and Eludo Lite are blindingly fast, significantly reduce bandwidth consumption and have no buffering. They are simple to manage and can be retro-fitted to an existing system.

Eludo intelligently manages workload and bandwidth using an “on-demand” methodology.


  • If you supply 100 channels,  and happen to have no users on the system, Eludo will transmit zero data.
  • Once a user connects, Eludo connects to the source stream and relays this, a 2nd person on the same channel uses the same data.
  • If you have 1000 customers watching 30 channels – your ingest will be 30 in, 1000 out.

Eludo Updates:

LITE mode is where all channels are ON-DEMAND streamed to users, the source stream is pulled into Eludo ONCE and this is then cached for transmission to MANY users.

NORMAL mode is where you have multiple channels some of these will be available on a time-shift basis and some will be on demand.

If a channel is on time-shift there can be no saving as the full source stream has to be puller 24/7, the on-demand will work as per the lite version.

An option in Eludo is called stripping, here we take the source stream and remove data that is not needed at the destination end, we also recreate the needed SI tables for the destination point, but this small improvement in the system yields upto 5% in bandwidth saving alone.

The cache system in Eludo is only used when in NORMAL mode and Eludo will save data which has been unused for a user definable time to disk, this gives the operator the option to trade memory over disc usage, remembering that disc accesses are average 100times slower than memory. Eludo uses a smart block technology for its cache system.


We have also added the capability of streaming video files from with Eludo, for locally stored files. Hence it can be used for live and VOD


Eludo can perform on-the-fly HLS encapsulation per channel and per user on the ingested streams, time-shift is also supported in HLS mode.

RAM min 16GB, but it is dependant on how many channels and how long you want to cache the incoming stream

HDD min 500GB, again see above as ram/hdd are used for caching

OS Ubuntu 16.04 LTS 64 Bit Server

Video and Audio – YES

Lineer YES/NO, with the time.shift you could record 8 hours and play from any point within this stream

Support other servers, to all other servers Eludo is just a server so yes they can be daisy chained, latency will then come into play

Closed system – Eludo does not understand closed systems, its a server that has a ip:port address, so as long as the source streams are available it will work anywhere

Integration – As Eludo is a puller and server in on, you could have a CDN pull from Eludo.


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