The New hotel system is a simple self contained unit.  It incorporates our award nominated Eludo play out system.

The system can be retrofitted to any existing 12 core server or better.  Alternatively, it can be supplied as a complete unit.  The new hotel system will comprise of the following.

  1. Server (or the option to use your own)
  2. CMS (content Management system)
  3. Time Shift and catch up
  4. 1st years licence (renewable every year thereafter)
  5. Eludo play out system
  6. Fully scalable to suit any needs.
  7. HEVC (at an added cost in terms of server and hardware)
  8. HLS


Eludo is designed to save money on your bandwidth consumption.  A standard play out system will stream multiple streams of the same program to the same location.  Eludo looks at the incoming stream and stores it on its internal system.  It will then play it out to everyone on the small network or hotel/apartment complex who wishes to watch the same program.  For example, if 20 clients are all watching channel “A”, other play out systems would stream it 20 times, which at a common rate of2 megs per stream would be 40 megs.  Given the same scenario, Eludo will simply pull a single 2 meg and distribute it on the internal network, thus saving bandwidth costs.  If you combine this with our HEVC system, which can stream channels at rates as low as 250 Kbps for standard resolution or 850 Kbps for 720p resolution, you are saving money all round.  Eludo becomes your very own CDN.

Time Shift

Time shift allows clients who live in a different time zone than the broadcast source to view a program at the same local time as the original broadcast. For example, if Breakfast TV starts at 6am in New York that would be 3am in Los Angeles. By applying a +3 hour time shift the program will appear to start at 6am for the clients in Los Angeles.


This is a content management system.  Allows you to control each of your clients set top boxes.  You can address each box and regulate the viewing of any client.  It gives you control over the content on your system.


As we have already stated, the server needs to be 12 cores or better.  This depends upon the size of the network and how many channels you wish to distribute.  A 12 core server is ideal for a small network or hotel distributing up to 20 channels.    However, the size of the application does not matter as you can expand the system to suit your individual needs.   If you want to add HEVC to the system this can be done, but we would need to know prior to ordering.  HEVC will save you money in the long term as the consumption of bandwidth is greatly reduced.  We recently demonstrated HEVC on a live transmission at the NAB show as low as 250 Kbps for standard resolution and 720p video as low as 850 Kbps. This will show a significant saving on bandwidth consumption.

Our standard system includes a 12 core server and 20 channel play out facility with time shift and CMS and a 12 months licence fee.  For added extras, such as HEVC, please ask for pricing.


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