Remote CCTV Installations in Manchester

Remote CCTV Installations in Manchester

It is often thought that you cannot install CCTV cameras into remote areas. This is because many modern CCTV systems require extensive wiring and WiFi to work at its best.

Not anymore!

The team at CTU Services have undertaken remote CCTV installations in Manchester. The location was Peel Tower in Holcombe Moor, Ramsbottom. If you take the circular walk around the Moor, Peel Tower offers a beautiful stop at the top of the hill to catch your breath and admire the views which stretch across the North West. CCTV was needed here to ensure that the area’s natural beauty was left unharmed by passers by.

The tower, built in 1852, was lacking many of the essential amenities we have become used to in modern-day life, such as WiFi connection, making CCTV installation in this remote area a challenge.

At this location, our team installed a PTZ camera (Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera) and a bullet camera. These allowed the Peel Tower team to benefit from the ability to turn the camera as they needed and zoom in or out. The latest technology in our PTZ cameras ensures that nothing goes undetected! The picture was clear enough (and the zoom strong enough) for us to see over the countryside and onto Snowdonia in Wales. The view from the top of Peel Tower was breathtaking (as were the nearly 200 steps up to the top).

But how have we made the impossible, possible?

The main challenge of this job was the lack of WiFi. Electricity was already available, yet all CCTVs cameras need WiFi connection to feed their live video through to the watcher. To overcome this, our team installed a mobile SIM card with unlimited data into the cameras and connected this to a nearby tower, which had a strong WiFi signal 2 miles away. This allowed the cameras to connect easily to the Peel Tower head office, over 5 miles away in Bury!

In total, this job took us 5 hours to complete and the Peel Tower team were very happy with the end result.

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