The smartphone market is crowded to say the least, with a wide range of models at competitive prices. So, why exactly should you buy the Nokia 3.1 Smartphone?

Nokia 3.1 16GB Smartphone

Stylish Design

A far cry from the retro Nokia phones, the Nokia 3.1 Smartphone has a sleek, stylish design that rivals any contemporary phone on the market. Its dominating glass screen combined with aluminium frame and plastic back gives the phone a classic yet striking look that is slimline for ease of use.

Android Operating System

The Android 8.0 Oreo operating system of this Nokia smartphone provides a secure, up-to-date, high tech performance that allows you to access all the latest apps and games.

Gorilla Glass Screen

The 5.2 inch hd+ screen of the Nokia Smartphone allows you to view the latest pictures and videos in the highest quality without compromising on size. Plus, thanks to the Gorilla Glass screen protecting it from cracks, scratches and minor damage, the latest Nokia smartphone lives up to its predecessors in terms of durability.

Camera Quality

Thanks to its 13MP rear camera and selfie-cam, the Nokia Smartphone allows for high-quality video chats and recordings. And, of course, the top of the range camera enables you to take Instagram worthy selfies and capture your best moments.

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