Ajax Wireless Security System

Ajax Wireless Security System

The Ajax Wireless Security System uses industry-leading technology to protect your home and business from theft, floods and fires.



The Ajax Wireless Security System uses industry leading technology to protect your home and business no matter what. Easy to integrate with existing wireless systems, it’s the perfect addition to your home or business security. 

Deterring Thieves

Ajax Wireless Systems can detect the opening of doors, windows smashing and people moving in and around your home so you know your home is protected from intruders whether you’re home or away. But, thanks to its advanced technology, the alarm system is clever enough not to confuse pets or the like with intruders, avoiding unnecessary false alarms.

Preventing Fears and Gas Poisoning

Built in sensors are able to detect fire, gas or other poisonous gases, and suspicious rises in temperature. If these are detected the alarms sound alerting users to threats and protecting lives, homes and businesses.

Stopping Floods

Get notified if a pipe breaks or an appliance begins to leak. You can even configure automatic water shut-off in case there’s a flood while you’re away helping to protect furnishings and your home or business.

With all of this advanced technology, all of which can be easily connected to your phone, tablet or laptop, it’s clear that the Ajax Security System is the only security device your home and business need.

We offer a full installation service for the Ajax Alarm System. Simply call our team on 01257 477060 for a more information and a free quotation.


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