Face Recognition Access Controller

Face Recognition Access Controller


CTU introduces the Face Recognition Access Controller. User data can be stored at the access controller which can hold 100,000 face images without being connected to a network.



Specification of the Face Recognition Access Controller
Aluminium alloy housing with wire-drawing treatment; IP55; applicable to outdoor and indoor environment
10.1 inch LCD touch screen; resolution 1280×800
With 2 MP wide-angle dual lens, white fill light, IR light, and WDR · Support face, card, password, and fingerprint unlock; unlock by period
User data can be stored at the access controller; can hold 100, 000 face images and work without network
Face-camera distance: 0.3m-2.0m
Face verification accuracy ≥99.5%; face comparison speed ≤0.2s per person; low false recognition rate Support liveness detection
Download full product specification here.


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