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Satellite Coax Cables

£23.99£349.99 ex VAT

Our satellite coax cables are high frequency, low loss signal transmission cables that are used primarily to carry TV, SAT and CCTV transmissions.

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Sheath Types Available

Cable Type
Direct Burial
DCS100 Yes Yes Yes Yes
DC100 Standard Yes Yes Yes Yes
DC100 Twin Yes Yes
DC125 Yes Yes Yes Yes
DC167 Yes Yes Yes Yes
DC100 5 Core Yes Yes
DC125 5Core Yes Yes
RG6 Yes Yes
RG6 Twin Yes Yes

Additional information

Satellite Coax Cables

RG6 PVC Single Cable 100m – £23.99, RG6 PVC Single Cable 250m – £39.99, DC100 5 Core Cable Low Smoke 100m – £349.99, DC100 5 Core Cable Low Smoke 250m – POA, LCC 100 CAI Approved 100m – £41.99, LCC 100 CAI Approved 250m – £89.99, RG6 Twin 100m – £39.99, RG6 Twin 250m – £79.99