VeCoder Ultra-16

VeCoder Ultra-16

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The VeCoder-Ultra-16 is the perfect solution for any professional Over IP Video Broadcasting and Distribution, where Total Video Quality, Performances, Reliability, and best cost per channel are most wanted. Using the latest IP technology, this sixteen channel pro-video effectively distributes HD video to TVs and IPTV players.

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The VeCoder Ultra-16 is a professional sixteen channel HDMI To IPTV Streaming video encoder. The pro-video includes next generation H.264 processors with formats selectable channel by channel, up to Full HD 1080p 60. Therefore, this makes it the ideal solution to distribute multiple channels of any HDMI video directly to unlimited SMART TVs, Smart Phones, Tablets, Computers, IPTV Boxes,over LAN, WiFi, Internet.

Based on the newest multi-server multi-format Broadcast chipsets technology, each channel can encode the HDMI Input in FOUR different formats & resolutions to fit the destination bandwidth and type of network, with the ability to serve hundreds of simultaneous unicast or multicast concurrent players without the need of additional parts or servers.
Each channel can also load & inject up to Five Graphic Logos or Texts for channel identification, Watermarking, Info, QR Codes for commercial links.

The VeCoder delivers incredible video quality and power as each channel comes with its own encoding engine, served over multiple Full Gigabit speed outputs, able to support very high traffic demand on the same channel. Meanwhile, the VeCoder Ultra-16 connects directly to the existing LAN Switch, or wifi, or internet router and streams the HDMI Video input in super ultra low latency to any device.

Furthermore, the encoded channels can  be sent directly to any additional distribution servers, such as YouTube, Wowza, Akamai.

In Homes, Commercial, Hospitality, a single VeCODER can play directly on any SMART TV over wired Lan or Wifi, without need of any additional parts.

Multiple VeCODERS can be installed at the same time on the same distribution network. This therefore expands the available IPTV Channels at any time.

Key Features of The VeCoder Ultra-16:

•Converts up to twelve HDMI Full HD Video sources into 12 IPTV Streams. Therefore, you can watch on unlimited SmartTVs and IP player Devices.
•Works with any HDMI video sources distributing real time perfect quality video & sound over the existing routers, switch, lan, WiFi, Internet.
•Built-In Gigabit IPTV Server for direct HDMI to IP Streaming to SmartTVs Phones Tablets PCs Web.
•Each HDMI input channel can also create 4 different resolutions ( multi-rate ) to serve different target audiences and devices.
•4 Logo graphic & text insertions per  stream for channel Branding & WaterMarking.
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To find out more about the VeCoder Ultra-12 pro-video device download the below PDF or contact our team today.

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