Spread The Cost of CCTV Installations

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At CTU Services, we believe that protecting your home shouldn’t cost the earth. That’s why we offer you the option to spread the cost of CCTV installations using PayPal pay in 3.

What is PayPal Pay in 3?

While CCTV is a worthwhile investment, it can be a costly investment upfront. By using PayPal pay in 3, we can offer you the option to spread the cost of your CCTV cameras and installation across interest-free payments. This way, you can get all the benefits of our professional CCTV equipment and expert installation without breaking the bank.

How do I use PayPal Pay in 3 on my CCTV installations?

When we send you your invoice for CCTV installations simply choose pay in 3 and enjoy the power to split your CCTV into three interest-free payments. You don’t have to wait to be approved and there are no set up fees or charges. Plus, your purchases are covered by the same security and Buyer Protection you already enjoy from PayPal.

When you choose to use PayPal Pay in 3, you will make the first payment now and then the rest in two payments every month on the same date.

You can find out more about PayPal pay in 3 here.

Can businesses use PayPal Pay in 3?

Unfortunately, business are not eligible to use PayPal pay in 3 for commercial CCTV installations. However, anyone using a personal email address for CCTV installations can use this buy now, pay later option.

Do I have to spread the cost of my CCTV?

While we offer you the option to spread the cost of your CCTV installations, we also offer other payment options. You can pay via PayPal in full or via card.

Want a CCTV installation quote?

Whether you want to split the cost of your CCTV installations in 3 or pay in full, contact us for a free quick quote on domestic or business CCTV installations.