Thermal Imaging Camera: The Results Are In

With the ability to accurately detect body temperature within a 3 metre range to enable the early detection of COVID-19, our thermal imaging camera boasts a pretty impressive specification. But, we know it can be hard to believe such stats, especially in today’s climate. Therefore, we thought we’d show you our thermal imaging camera in action so you can see the fantastic results for yourself. The below demonstration shows the use and set up of our Thermal Camera filmed by the Installation Team. It clearly shows how simple and efficient the equipment is to use. Watch the video and find out more about the installation and use of this camera below.



Thermal Camera Installation

The thermal imaging camera comes with two aspects: the camera and the thermal imaging sensor.

As shown in the video both the camera and sensor can either be fixed or mobile using a tripod. Therefore, the camera is incredibly versatile and can be used in different locations depending on footfall.

Both the sensor and the camera shown in the above video are each set at 2 metres on a tripod to give a clear overview of our office space and therefore screen the people entering accurately.

The optimum distance between the camera and sensor is 3 metres. This ensures you can effectively collaborate the data and accurately screen people and their temperatures.


Thermal Camera Use and Results

Using a built in AI algorithm, the thermal camera cleverly detects the temperatures of people in range. As you can see from the video, the sensor has the ability to differentiate between body temperature and the temperature of a hot drink a person may be carrying. This therefore allows for accurate readings and prevents false alarms.

If the human temperature is above average, therefore signalling a potential risk, an alarm will sound notifying the camera’s user – as is displayed in the demonstration video.

Our thermal imaging camera can be supplied within days to help with virus detection at airports, schools and hospitals. To find out more, or to place your order, please contact our team on 01257 477060 or email