TiOC Three-In-One Camera

When you have CCTV installed at your home or business, you want to know you’ve got the best protection from expert equipment. That’s why we install TiOC three-in-one cameras across Chorley and the North West. 

As the name suggests TiOC offers a three-in-one solution to CCTV, including:

  • 24/7 full-colour monitoring
  • Active deterrence
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)

This industry leading three-in-one solution is what creates a highly effective security solution that can identify potential risks, warn off intruders, protect your property and life. 

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Accurate Alarm

No more false alarms with TiOC. Thanks to its accurate alarm function TiOC precisely targets people and vehicles, filtering out non-target objects such as car headlights, leaves and animals. With a false alarm rate of under 2% TiOC’s powerful AI algorithms deliver a quick, accurate and longer range motion detection. 

Active Deterrence

Deter unwanted intruders with TiOC’s red and blue light and enhanced sound alarm. Plus, receive real time alarm push notifications to your mobile app, view your property and communicate with visitors for full peace of mind and visibility. 

Full Colour

Wave goodbye to black and white, poor quality CCTV images, with TiOC’s 24/7 colour monitoring. High colour reproduction significantly increases the probability of collecting valid human, vehicle or even evidence. 

Visual Verification

Thanks to artificial intelligence, TiOC can provide visual verification of intruders including:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Face
  • Glasses


See TiOC In Action

See the three-in-one-camera in action and find out how it can protect you, your home or business with active deterrence, accurate alarm, full colour video, smart motion detection and artificial intelligence. 


Ask Your Questions

Yes, our team can offer both virtual and on site demonstrations of all our CCTV products so you can see the benefits of these security systems for yourself. 

Thanks to its 3-in-1 solution, TiOC set up is far less time consuming than setting up individual systems. Our team offer professional, timely CCTV installations to get you set up. 

Our three in one cameras vary in price depending on the scale of the product. Contact us for accurate, competitive prices. Call: 01257 477060 or email

Three-in-one cameras are ideal for both domestic and commercial properties. We install TiOCs at a wide range of businesses including but not limited to, public buildings, offices, pubs, restaurants, gyms and many more. Contact us to discuss your individual requirements. 

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