Covid-19 Vaccine Checker

It’s safe to say that Covid-19 has taken its toll on businesses; from mask wearing to enforced closures in lockdown. While vaccinations bring us hope for the world returing to normal, vaccine certifactions now pose another challenge for businesses to adapt to. 

Using the latest facial recognition technology and a secure database, our camera can detect vaccine certification status upon entry to your business giving you peace of mind and allowing you to comply with the latest vaccine certification regulations.  

Our facial recognition technology and database is ideal for vaccine certification in: 

  • Businesses/Offices
  • Manufacturing
  • Public buildings
  • Pubs and nightclubs
  • Gyms
  • Hospitals

How Does Our Vaccine Checker Work?

Our vaccine recognition cameras use facial recognition to scan visitors to your premises. This image is then cross-referenced with a database that contains Covid-19 vaccination status. If the user is vaccinated, they can be allowed entry. If not, they are denied entry. 

This database can then be used across multiple venues to facilitate immunisation certifications across your businesses. 

Accurately Detect Covid-19 Vaccine Certification

Our facial recognition products rely on a compliant database to accurately determine covid-19 vaccine certification status upon screening. This database can be used at multiple venues to detect vaccine certification and either allow or deny entry accordingly. 

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Reassure Staff and Visitors

Our facial recongition products can be prominently installed in central locations across your premises such as your reception or entrances. Their presence and use automatically reassures visitors and staff that all infection control efforts are being made. 

Quick Install and Setup

Our experienced team can get your facial recognition cameras installed and set up quickly and easily. Therefore, you won’t waste any time making your premises safe. We can also offer ongoing product maintenance so your products never let you down. 


Flexible Rental Schemes

As a local business ourselves, we understand that safety procedures change, as does your business need and income, especially in the current climate. That’s why we offer flexible rental contracts on some of our facial recognition products so they can work around you. 

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Reporting

Daily, weekly and monthly reports can be generated as well as email notifications, such as invalid vaccine certification, helping you to monitor your screening results. 

Ask Your Questions

Our facial recognition products use the latest technology, making them highly accurate. The vaccine certification database is updated regularly to ensure accuracy. 

Yes, we can set our wrist facial recognition camera to detect masks and only permit entry to your building if a mask is being worn. 

Although it depends on the specific model, most of our facial recognition products only take a couple of hours to set up.  Our team are more than happy to install our products and get you up and running. 

Our facial recognition products vary in price. Contact us for accurate, competitive prices. Call: 01257 477060 or email

Yes, our expert team can install our vaccine recognition cameras at your premises and set your database up. 

Our facial recognition technology can be used to detect vaccine certification in any business premises. Our cameras are currently successfully installed in pubs, nightclubs, offices, gyms, leisure centres and shops. 

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