What do NASA and CTU Services have in common?


What doe NASA and CTU Services have in Common? More than you might initially think…

CCTV Picture Quality

First things first, we both use top quality equipment to delivery CCTV picture quality – not inferior quality as used by others – see the below image to the right.



At CTU Services, we supply and install the highest quality CCTV cameras so you can get a crystal clear image of your property and any unwanted intruders (aliens). Our cameras offer high resolution recordings that can be viewed on your mobile or tablet device meaning you don’t have to wait light years to view your CCTV recordings.

Stellar technology

From Cortex CCTV to the TiOC Three-In-One Camera we only install the highest quality CCTV cameras so you can rest assured your property is protected by the best. Not only this but our cameras integrate seamlessly with NVRs and DVRs to record your CCTV footage while our cameras can also send footage direct to your mobile device.

We can even offer you CCTV and digital recordings where network connectivity is an issue.

Covering all of space and time

We may not install CCTV cameras in space (yet) but we do cover a vast area of the UK. From our local area in Chorley to Manchester, Liverpool and Cumbria we offer CCTV installations up and down the UK but specifically the North West.

Worried we don’t cover your areas? Get in touch and we will do our best to reach you.

Out of this world service

Ok, so we can’t actually speak for NASA on this one but the CTU Services team also offer CCTV installation and customer service that is out of this world. From initial enquiry to after care, you can count on us for a quick response, professional service and friendly manner.


Looking for a stellar CCTV installation? Contact CTU Services for the installation of high specification, industry leading security products with a service and price that’s simply rocketing ahead of the competition.