Why Should You Buy A Video Doorbell?

The WiFi Smart Video Doorbell is the latest device to take the technology industry by storm. But, why should you buy a video doorbell?

Protecting You and Your Home

With the ability to pair with a free mobile phone application, the QVIS Smart Video Doorbell alerts you whenever your doorbell is pressed. Therefore, this allows you to see who is visiting your home even when you’re away. Smart doorbells act as a deterrent for burglars and protect you and your home from unwanted visitors. And, with night vision built in, the WiFi Smart Video Doorbell really is revolutionising home security.

Never Miss A Delivery Again

Thanks to its easy to use video call technology, the Smart Video Doorbell removes the long days spent waiting in for parcels and allows you to answer visitors and accept parcels even when you’re away.

why should you buy a video doorbell

The QVIS WiFi Smart Doorbell is just £119.00

Stylish Design

Thanks to its black colour and slimline design, the WiFi Smart Video Doorbell boasts a contemporary, stylish appearance that looks at home on any front door. A far cry from old fashioned, bulky doorbells, the QVIS smart doorbell combines style and convenience for home and business owners.

Easy To Use and Install

Without excessive wires, the QVIS smart doorbell is easy to install and use. Simply scan the QR code on the back of the doorbell to connect to the free mobile application and you’re ready to use your smart doorbell! The app is interactive and easy to use. Plus, a six-month battery life ensures the QVIS Smart Doorbell is made to last!

The QVIS Smart Doorbell is revolutionising doorbell technology to offer convenience and security at the click of a button. So, what are you waiting for? Shop the QVIS Smart Video Doorbell today!